Divine Hanuman Chalisa Yantra Locket

Apart from scientific concepts, there is something in this universe by which everything is managed. Every living creature has his own life or his own ambiance, but everything is correlated with each other. There is always a dependance chain due to which every living being survive and succeed in their deeds and achieve what they … Continue reading


Unconsciously sub consciousness: sounds amazing! We never know why that happen which we want with strong will? Dr. Joseph Murphy (D.R.S., Ph. d) said that belief is most powerful in this universe, if u believes, you can get everything. People have strong willpower, that they can cure cancer patient or paralysis easily, so every person … Continue reading

Incorporeal God and His Attributes

We know about him, we love him, we pray, we play, we sing, we cry before him, but ever you think that what we think only a point of view which we have from parents, grandparents. Actual meaning of God is Generator organiser and destroyer, as we know Lord Shankar and shiv is same but … Continue reading

VIBRATIONS – Think Positive Always

We think that everything has been fixed, everything planned, and it’s true. We create our destiny it’s also true. Sometimes we thinks that this thing or happening I have already seen, because we already used to think it unconsciously. MEDITATION says that our soul moves or roaming during deep sleep and it goes to that … Continue reading

Love and Rules

Is there any rule to love anyone? How can we say? A mother loves their children without any rule. Humans way to work in a wrong way is the result of love to a person completely and for someone have many rules to avoid or insult and makes lots of rules to hate or disrespect. … Continue reading

AMAZING HUMANS – Proud to be humans

Modern biology says that humans are naturally vegetarian don’t have pointed or sharp teeth like animals we have large intestine (folded) and animals have small intestine or straight intestine. When humans eats that flesh the toxins comes into the body and produce toxic effect like disturbance in natural body tone, possibility of high B.P. (hypertension), … Continue reading

The gap between eye and ear..!

Amazingly a famous phrase says that “there is a gap of four fingers between eye and ear.” It’s true, you can measure. There is a big difference between visual thing and audible thing, a person who talks us with their sanskar and behaves. First think is that it mix with that thought which we are … Continue reading


RELATIONSHIP..it means a ship which can’t move just by a person. It’s about a familywork a teamwork and a company. The right way to maintain the relation”, between friends, family, we should maintain our relationship by a beautiful heart, positive behave, and calm nature. Every person is important for moving a ship of any relation, … Continue reading